It’s smart, it’s precise, it’s clean

A revolution in Tank Monitoring

  • Measures the level of fluid in virtually all kinds of tanks – from the outside!
  • Easy install guarantee – get started in 15 minutes
  • Wireless monitoring directly in your smart phone
  • Create your own application
  • The sensor can work alone or together with up to nine other sensors

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Latest testimonials:

For å se når det nærmer seg tid for å tømme tanken

Fred (Birkeland, NO) 29 May, 2023

Holding tank alarm

Jim (Niagara-on-the-Lake, CA) 28 May, 2023

Pour avoir unr lecture précise

STEPHANE (NANTES, FR) 27 May, 2023

Jag ska använda det till att se till att inte septitanken blir överfull.

Christer (Västerås, SE) 27 May, 2023

For å se når det nærmer seg tid for å tømme tanken

Fred (Birkeland, NO) 29 May, 2023

Holding tank alarm

Jim (Niagara-on-the-Lake, CA) 28 May, 2023

Pour avoir unr lecture précise

STEPHANE (NANTES, FR) 27 May, 2023

Jag ska använda det till att se till att inte septitanken blir överfull.

Christer (Västerås, SE) 27 May, 2023

Please have a look at these six movies

“You could say “Knock and listen” but it’s more sophisticated than that…”

All you need in the box

Calibration and editing

From one sensor to multiple on one tank or on several tanks

The winner of the grey, black and waste water tanks race

Wireless Tank Monitoring


Sensor Technology with Bluetooth

You could say “Knock and listen” but it’s more sophisticated than that. The sensor technology is built on a method of monitoring local, mechanical properties of a fluid tank. A Gobius sensor exerts force onto a tank wall and causes it to vibrate. An accelerometer is part of the sensor and it measures the vibrations caused by the force and transmits the signal to the sensor processor. The processor’s algorithm calculates a vibration value each time the sensor performs a measurement.

The Gobius Pro sensor is mounted on the outside of metal or plastic fluid tanks. No more mounting on the inside of the tank, no more drilling of holes. The sensor can work alone on a tank but also together with several Gobius Pro sensors. The sensor has built-in (BLE) Bluetooth communication for Android and iOS phones. In addition, the sensor has two outputs for integration, for example, in Bus-systems, control relays, lights or buzzers. Useful for all kinds of fluids, like fresh water, fuel, oil, grey/black water and waste water.


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Gobius Pro vs. Old Fashioned indicators

Gobius Pro

  • Measures from the outside of the tank (metal and plastic tanks)
  • Reliable, never in contact with the waste water
  • Easy installation with your smart phone (Bluetooth)
  • Easy to integrate with control systems
  • Integrated instant support functions

Old fashioned indicators

  • Measure inside the tank
  • Unreliable, always in contact with the waste water
  • Indicate full even if the tank is empty
  • Drilling holes are needed
  • Always a leakage risk


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  • For å se når det nærmer seg tid for å tømme tanken

    Fred (Birkeland, NO)
    29 May, 2023
  • Holding tank alarm

    Jim (Niagara-on-the-Lake, CA)
    28 May, 2023
  • Pour avoir unr lecture précise

    27 May, 2023
  • Jag ska använda det till att se till att inte septitanken blir överfull.

    Christer (Västerås, SE)
    27 May, 2023
  • Like the inovative technique and I have 4 ea Gobius Control Boxes and now I have purchased a NMEA2000 Converter to see how I can benefit this system from within my 4 ea MFD Raymarine Axiom System
    all for an upcoming 4-5 year live aboard long sailing.
    Bosse Johansson

    Bo (Bandhagen, SE)
    27 May, 2023
  • I bought 2 Gobius pro for my boat

    Clemens (Hamburg, DE)
    25 May, 2023
  • I purchased this product because I had one of these on a previous boat and was very pleased with it.

    Oran (Roundwood, Wicklow, IE)
    25 May, 2023
  • Not installed until early 2022. Problems getting system to work. Anders arranged for replacement parts to be picked up from Seatronics. Working but 1 sensor bad, replacement sensor sent to me by Anders in Feb 2022.

    Just installed 25 May after new holding tank purchased and fitted.

    Ian Ross (Xlendi, Gozo, MT)
    25 May, 2023
  • Water tank level

    Bill (Campbell River, CA)
    25 May, 2023
  • Till septitanken

    Curt (Karis, FI)
    24 May, 2023

  • Hello,
    I am happy to report a successful installation of the three sensors!  The acetone wipe seems to have “done the trick”.  I also used some 50-grit sandpaper to create a rough surface. I have now wired up all three sensors and activated them with the app.  Everything is working well.

    Thank you for your excellent customer service after the sale.  I will be posting some pictures and a description of the Gobius Pro product to our user group – American Tug Owners Association.  Who knows, you may receive orders from some of them!

    Happy New Year!  I hope 2021 brings health and happiness to all of us.

    Sincerely, Tom Law

  • “I can tell you that we had chosen it because your product simply suits us very well. Your on ultrasound based measurement system can be easily installed for us. In Addition, it is very reliable and does not tend to fail – which is important for us and our customers. That’s why we chose your product back then and are still very satisfied with it”.

    Best regards,
    Roman Kalinski, Purchasing
    Hanse Yachts AG

  • Good day and regards from Croatia,
    “I installed 3 sensors in my sailing boat. 2 of them on a fresh water tank and one on the gray water tank. They should inform me on minimum and maximum levels, reminding me that I need to react. Application is very “user friendly”, both sensors and application are easy to install and easy to follow. Gobius “fishes” are also very practical and easy to spot !
    All together, You have a satisfied customer in Croatia, I am happy with my purchase !”

    Kind regards ! Danko Crncevic

  • ”Köpte denna då givaren i färskvatten gått i sönder. Har tidigare köpt en Gobius 4 för septitanken och blev väldigt nöjd med den så det självklara valet var givetvis ännu en Gobius 4 när givaren till färskvattentanken gick i sönder.”

    Hälsningar, Håkan Andersson.

  • “I Installed two of your sensors on my boat’s stainless steel black waste tank. Works really well; shared details at and also on the Sealine forum. One suggested improvement for the software: it would be great if we could reorder the sensors on a tank and set their respective levels.
    Thanks for a great product.”

    From Kevin

  • Hi Gobius Pro team.
    “Everything’s configured good now. The fish is on the second sensor (top) and the light switches properly. Thanks for help and patience. I want to congratulate you about the genius idea of creating this system.
    It’s really smart and useful.”

    Best regards, Ivo Stornaiuolo sailing in Norway

  • “I unlocked all the sensors and started  the installation from the beginning. Now everything is working fine and I also installed the Blackwatertank just with one sensor on the top. It‘s just great how it works. Thanks Gobius 👍I will positively recomend your product. Wish you all the Best and greatings from Chesapeake Bay.”

    Dominique Gueissaz at SV Prana Cat

  • “First, I’ll start out by saying that overall I am very pleased with the product. It was easy to install and calibrate. Also the support when I needed to order the longer wired sensors was great.
    You have a truly wonderful product.”

    Thank you, Paul Getman

  • “We purchased our Hanse 348 in the fall of 2019 and it came with a Gobius gauge for our black water tank. We are very happy with it and wish that they installed one on for our water tank as well. We have had to replace our water tank gauge already. You have a very good product and I would recommend it highly.”

    Tom Dwyer

  • I have now been able to get to my boat in Croatia and test the unit. And it worked straight away – perfect! Thanks so much for your support. I’ll certainly recommend you to all my boating friends.

    Regards from Les Mussell

New add-on products

We have expanded our product family with several products.
With these you can easily connect our tank sensors with analog instruments and NMEA2000 systems.

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The app

The Gobius app is used to program the initial settings of the sensor, display measurements, as well as function as a platform for remote support. You can customize the setup for your application, as well as name and group sensors.

Software updates, instructions and support are done via your phone. The languages are English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.



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Gobius Pro sensor technology

System integration
The sensor allows integration to operating systems in different ways. 2 digital outputs with on/off signal are included for connecting to external system. A signal can be received at various liquid levels for control of e.g. pumps. The system also supplies relays (12/110/230 Volts) and GSM units for surveillance and reporting of tank level information.

–  Quick and easy installation
–  Bluetooth communication
–  2 Digital outputs, on/off signals
–  Mounted on the outside of the tank, nothing on the inside
–  No drilling of holes
–  Easy to retrofit on an already installed tank
–  Never in contact with the contents of the tank
–  Handles tanks with aggressive and sterile liquids
–  No maintenance
–  No risk for leakage or odour
–  Cost-effective

For all these tank materials, max:
–  Stainless steel, 3 mm
–  Steel, 3 mm
–  Polyethene, 12 mm
–  Fibre Glass, 8 mm

Intellectual propety
Patent: Sweden 0701520-9, US 8.448.509 and Europe 2165164
Trademark: Gobius, owned by Gobius Sensor Technology AB

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