le bouedec (Caudan, FR)

i want the tank calculator to calculate the right level to put the sensor on the tank wall

Jari (Espoo, FI)

Had one earlier in an old boat, bought another for new boat’s waste tank.

Charles (Alameda, US)

Monitor the waste tanks on our yacht.

Stephen (Cardiff, UK)

Sealed tank- needed a way of measuring black water

Erik (Vedbaek, DK)

Waste tank

Patrick (Örebro, SE)

Vill se när gråvattentanken är full. Nu måste jag öppna en lucka och titta med lampa.

John (Mesa, AZ, US)

Found online after searching for outside monitoring of waste tank volume.

Jack (Kansas City MO, US)

Holding tank

Jack (Kansas City MO, US)

Holding tank

Jack (Kansas City, US)

Replaced the level reading on water and holding tanks

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