Benoit (St-Jerome, CA)

fit on stainless steel waste tank and had no hole to drill.

Steve (Pittsboro, US)

To know how much diesel I have in my tanks

Dave (Hamilton, CA)

Seems like it’s easy to use and install..and accu

Bjørn Vegard (Ottestad, NO)

Måle septikinnhold

Erik (Tallinn, EE)

To know black water level

Pekka (Kauniainen, FI)

Ease of installation. water and septic tank monitoring.

Göran (Uppsala, SE)


Kai (Oslo, NO)

Bra tips fra forhandler da ordinære måler ikke virker

Ronald (Ayr, GB)

To measure contents of black water holding tank

Roger (Hälleviksstrand, SE)

Septik tank larm

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