Frequently asked questions

Hi, can I use another sensor tape? Maybe I can glue the sensor to the tank wall? //Ernst

I’m sorry, you have to use the 3M tape. There is an extra tape in the box. You can always order new tape from our WEB-site. Never use 2-components glue.

Can you use the Gobius Pro sensors for eg sugar or grain?

Unfortunately not. The sensors only work for liquid tanks.

How do I move a sensor?

At page, Documentation, there is a document that gives you advice. But you have to be careful that the sensor not break. Do not use to much power.

How does it work?

Gobius Pro and Gobius are measuring by a small vibration in the tank wall. It is not ultra sound.

Hi, why has my sensor come loose? // Steve

There are 3 reasons for this.

  1. The temperature of the tank wall was lower than 68 F / 20 C.
  2.  The tank wall was not clean
  3. It was crowded where the sensor was mounted. That is, there is no place to press the sensor firmly.

On the Documentation page, there are several documents that give you tips.

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