21 May, 2021

Do you, like many other sailors, have a problem with an unpleasant smell from the head? You do not have to worry, it’s not your fault. When you rinse with seawater, it comes with large number of microorganisms that rot in contact with air. It is this odor that for many is a scourge. At […]

21 May, 2021

One of of our goals has been to be able to read tank levels at a distance. In addition to seeing the tank levels in your boat’s screen / plotter, you can also get the same information on Victron’s cloud service, a VRM portal that is free to use. Attached is our press release which […]

16 March, 2021

Hi, do not think about how to calculate where 75% volume is on your tank, instead let the calculator do this in a few seconds. This is especially difficult when you have a non-rectangular tank. The Tank Calculator works just as well in your phone as on your PC. Another nice feature is that you […]

18 January, 2021

Happy New Year! Last year, we received a surprising and honorable mention as one of the 25 most innovative companies in 2020. The American company, The Chief´s Digest, has chosen us as the only Swedish company to join. We feel honored to receive another appointment. Click here to read the full article.  

18 November, 2020

We have now launched our new online store. Here you will find all products, spare parts etc. You choose currency, Euro or SEK, and which payment method suits you best PayPal or by credit card. See

14 October, 2020

Hi Anders, I unlocked all the sensors and started  the installation from the beginning. Now everything is working fine and I also installed the Blackwatertank just with one sensor on the top. It‘s just great how it works. Thanks Gobius 👍I will positively recomend your product. Wish you all the Best and greatings from Chesapeake […]

22 September, 2020

Hi Gobius Pro team. Everything’s configured good now. The fish is on the second sensor (top) and the light switches properly. Thanks for help and patience. I want to congratulate you about the genius idea of creating this system. It’s really smart and useful. Best regards, Ivo Stornaiuolo sailing in Norway

31 July, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we can deliver the popular Gobius Pro, all versions, again. Welcome to place your order.

20 May, 2020

It is pretty simple to connect the Gobius and Gobius Pro sensors to the popular PICO monitor systems from Simarine. From Gobius  you go direct to PICO, by using 10-180 or 240-33 Ohm signal. Are you using Gobius Pro sensors, we have the new HUB, giving the same out signals.

20 May, 2020

The Waste Tank Monitor has arrived and works fine in a test environment. Initially the Gobius Pro refused to “speak” to the Gobius app. I could see it in the list of Bluetooth devices but the app refused to accept it. De- and reinstalling the Gobius app solved the issue. Many thanks again for this […]

2 April, 2020

Please have a look at this web-site. Kevin Millican has “upgrade” from an old fashion gauge to Gobius Pro, two units on the same waste tank (stainless steel). See

16 March, 2020

We have now realesed the new App, version 3.0.

Welcome to our stand 2-212

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