Gobius Sensor Technology AB offers unique tank monitors. Our proprietary products are simple to install, easy to use, reliable, and contribute to a better environment.

Behind Gobius Sensor Technology AB is Anders Meiton, innovator and experienced entrepreneur with sailing and skiing as his main interests. He started the company with the aim of providing all boaters increased comfort and greater freedom.

Gobius for demanding environments
In a sterile environment it’s important to maintain the physical and chemical integrity of the liquid.This may be jeopardized when installing, changing or maintaining an indicator placed inside the tank. All operations in a tank risk “polluting” of the tank. In addition, there is always a risk of leakage.
In a tank with an aggressive liquid, the sensor is exposed to wear and tear. Mechanical sensors in the tank are especially vulnerable, but even capacitive sensors mounted on the outside of the tank are affected. These sensors are sensitive to coating of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus alloys and other chemical components with metallic characteristics. One unique property of Gobius Pro sensor is that it may be automatically adapted to different tank materials. This is not applicable for competitive measuring technologies which need presetting at factory or before installation. The clever built-in calibration functionality of our sensors saves time and minimizes cost.

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