You could say “Knock and listen” but it’s more sophisticated than that. The sensor technology is built on a method of monitoring local, mechanical properties of a fluid tank. The sensor exerts force onto a tank wall and causes it to vibrate. An accelerometer is part of the sensor and it measures the vibrations caused by the force and transmits the signal to the sensor processor. The processor’s algorithm calculates a vibration value each time the sensor performs a measurement.

Our sensors are mounted on the outside of metal or plastic fluid tanks. No more mounting on the inside of the tank, no more drilling of holes. The sensor can work alone on a tank but also together with several Gobius Pro sensors. The sensor has built-in Bluetooth communication for Android and iOS phones. In addition, the sensor has two outputs for integration, for example, in Bus-systems, control relays, lights or buzzers. No Control Unit is required. Useful for all kinds of fluids, like fresh water, fuel, oil, grey/black water and waste water.

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