You could say “Knock and listen” but it’s more sophisticated than that. The sensor technology is built on a method of monitoring local, mechanical properties of a fluid tank. The sensor exerts force onto a tank wall and causes it to vibrate. An accelerometer is part of the sensor and it measures the vibrations caused by the force and transmits the signal to the sensor processor. The processor’s algorithm calculates a vibration value each time the sensor performs a measurement.

Connect to a PIR Panel

  • Gobius 1 and Gobius 4
  • Gobius Pro Sensor

Connect to Cerbo GX from Victron Energy

  • Gobius Pro to Cerbo GX
  • Gobius to Cerbo GX

Connect to PICO from Simarine

  • Gobius Pro sensors to PICO

Gobius Pro

  • Gobius Pro Bluetooth Pairing 2020
  • Gobius Pro Leaflet
  • Gobius Pro manual, version 4.5
  • Gobius Pro Plan 2021
  • Gobius Pro Powerpoint
  • Gobius Pro Quick Guide
  • Gobius Pro Secure Instructions


  • Hub, quick guide
  • New installation document


  • Attaching the sensor
  • Move a sensor
  • Odor from marine sanitation system
  • Odor from marine sanitation system, short version
  • Tank Calculator

NMEA2000 Converter

  • NMEA2000 Converter for Gobius
  • NMEA2000 Converter for Gobius Pro

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